3D Scanning

Scan, convert, sail and save!

Speed and accuracy
Are you looking to retrofit or convert your vessel? We know that speed and accuracy is key, when it comes to minimising your ship's downtime and reducing the margin of error. OSK-ShipTech A/S offers 3D laser scanning services as a highly effective tool to minimise risk and maximise precision ahead of your retrofit or conversion project.

Our state-of-the-art 3D laser scanner with a scanning range of 150 metres and 1 mm accuracy offers brand new opportunities in fast ship conversions. As a unique service we can scan the inside of a hull, for example, while the vessel is in operation and then provide the yard with the best possible and most accurate production drawings.

OSK-ShipTech's 3D scanning service offers a series of valuable and profitable benefits to the client: Precise scans mean precise definition of boundaries and obstacles providing you with fast and effective detailed information and eliminating the risk of incorrect drawings. It offers a correct reference for clash checks during design as well as a detailed basis of routing for new components. 

  • Scan while the vessel is still operative
  • Fast and accurate production drawings
  • Reduce the yard's schedule and risk of errors
  • Instant visualisation
  • Enhance agility and flexibility in designs and layouts
  • Reduce costs

Virtual Reality
As an added feature, OSK-ShipTech A/S pairs the scanning results with virtual reality-technology, helping you visualise proposed interiors and alternative layouts. Using VR-goggles, you are able to move around the simulated designs before conversions have begun or even before the vessel has been built.