Design is all about transforming an idea into something pleasant and practical. Great design should appear effortless and natural and let us enjoy our surroundings without always knowing why.

OSK-ShipTech's Design department caters to all marine related design needs - from initial idea and concept to the final installation of furnishings, decorations etc. Through our designs we strive to make both passengers and crew feel at ease and navigate naturally through the various areas of the vessel. OSK-ShipTech has extensive experience in designing both interiors and exteriors and setting the scene for pleasant travels at sea.





Interior design

Interior design in the marine industry is about understanding people and understanding travel - especially at sea. How will passengers navigate around the vessel, which colours should be avoided to minimise sea sickness, which furniture should be nailed to the floor? All those practical and aesthetical aspects of design that needs to be integrated in an intriguing design scheme, so the overall result is beautiful and yet sturdy and durable.  


Exterior design 

Exterior design is what makes everyone wants to come on board. The very first glance should be a hint as of what to expect onboard - luxury yacht, passenger ferry, old navy feel? The perfect exterior sets the scene and supplements the interior. Exterior design is also about practicality and safety without compromising with the aesthetics and overall looks.