2013 - New Samsoe Ferry
The new Samsoe ferry is currently under construction at Remontowa Shipyard in Gdánsk, Poland. Denmark's first LNG ferry will sail its maiden voyage 1st October 2014, but you can follow its progress on Facebook via the following link: https://www.facebook.com/samsoefaerge
2013 - Change of address for Copenhagen office
We have outgrown our Copenhagen office and are therefore relocating. From April 2nd 2013 our new Copenhagen address is: OSK-ShipTech A/S Bryggervangen 55, 1. tv. DK-2100 Copenhagen Denmark Our main telephone number and email address remain the same, although please note that our Copenhagen direct numbers will no longer be in use after this date. We therefore advise that you use our mobile numbers for direct contact.
2013 - Contract signed for RoPax Ferry for Samsoe
OSK-ShipTech's assignment to prepare the tender design, conduct an EU tender and assist in contract negotiations was concluded on Monday the 18th March 2013, when Samsoe Kommune signed a contract with the Polish shipyard Remontowa, Gdansk for construction of a new passenger ferry. The ferry which will be fuelled by LNG will be the first of its kind on domestic routes in Denmark and reflects the "green profile" which is characteristic of the island of Samsoe. The ferry is designed as an open double-ended ferry with a capacity for up to 160 cars and 600 passengers. Propulsion will be by four azimuth rudder propellers electrically driven from dual fuel LNG/MGO generator sets.
2012 - Noise reduction during installation of wind turbines
According to legislation from the EU, sound emissions from the installation of windmills at sea must be reduced so the threat to marine mammals is minimised. Until now, no efforts have been made to reduce the water borne noise from driving monopiles into the seabed. With a new and innovative technology, it is possible to reduce the noise by up to 25 dB in a radius of 750 m. The technology is based on a cofferdam (patent pending), which complies with the recommended requirements of maximum: 160 dB SEL and 190 dB Peak for underwater pile driving noise levels. So far, Germany is the only country to have ratified the legislation, but the remaining EU countries are expected to follow Germany’s example.
2011 - Article from OSK-ShipTech explaining the power of CFD
An article from OSK-ShipTech explaining the power of CFD when optimising or designing a ship.
2011 - OSK hull design for the second time
The delivery of Dalby Esk, a catamaran with unique hull form, cements the excellent hull developed by OSK-ShipTech. The hulls are symmetrical with a very slender forebody that cuts the water and with a constant change in deadrise throughout aft to generate lift on the entire hull. Special focus was on the position of the sprayrails in order to optimise the lift and thus the running trim and effective power.
2011 - The homecoming of Þór (Thor)
5 years after the contract was signed, the Iceland Coast Guard has finally brought its ship home from the Asmar Shipyard in Chile. The construction period has been turbulent. The almost completed vessel was in the drydock in Chile when the area was hit by a large earthquake followed by a tsunami in February 2010. The vessel subsequently underwent a major overhaul, and the delivery was finally accomplished in September 2011.
2011 - Double up on CFD capabilities
We believe in the positive tendency in the market towards using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in design and optimisation of ships, and we are confident that the trend will continue in the future. Therefore, we have doubled our cluster capacity within CFD and now hold 6 STAR CCM+ licenses
2011 - Transportation of Siemens Wind Turbines
Siemens Wind Power has contracted Aarsleff / Bilfinger Berger Joint Venture (ABJV) to transport wind turbine generator sets from Esbjerg to the London Array wind farm.
2009 - CFD StarCCM+
Using the CFD program StarCCM+ it is possible to calculate the flow around rotating propellers. One can examine the localised flow and monitor pressure variations around the propeller. This is done both for the study of and the reduction of vibrations. The localised geometric shape greatly influences the flow and can therefore be optimised with regard to improvements of the wake field. Efficiency of ice blades and vortex generators can also be examined.
2009 - Conversion project: M/F Vesborg
A conversion project of the former Samsø Line vessel, M/F Vesborg. In co-operation with Samsø Traffiken (Samsø Traffic), this project involves a major extension to increase the capacity of both lorrys and cars.
2009 - Marine Research Vessel for DTU-Aqua
Concept study for a replacement of the existing Marine Research Vessel R/V Dana. In close cooperation with DTU-Aqua and an affiliate reference group, OSK-ShipTech has made a concept study for a replacement of the existing Marine Research Vessel R/V Dana. The aim of the concept is to design a modern, stable, and user friendly platform for the marine research activities of today and tomorrow. As one of a few existing Marine Research Vessels, the R/V Dana can partake in fishing activities. This ability will be an integral part of the research activities for the new Marine Research Vessel too, together with; hydrography, marine biology, acoustics, meteorology, seismic and geology
2009 - OSK-ShipTech A/S purchases STAR-CCM+ software
OSK-ShipTech A/S has purchased the computational fluid dynamic code STAR-CCM+ from CD-Adapco. STAR-CCM+ is a state of the art CFD tool which enables early stage design investigations by means of hull form optimization, resistance calculations, appendage alignment, sea keeping and much more. All kinds of flows can be simulated and studied in detail. Using CFD in the early design phase is very powerful and cost effective, as the resistance is predicted within 5%. This ensures correct and optimal choice of main engine, gearbox, propellers etc. Furthermore the flow around the hull is investigated, so inappropriate flow is eliminated or significantly reduced.
2009 - Greenland Institute of Natural Resources: New research vessel
Design of an arctic research vessel, primarily for monitoring of fish stock, hydrographical surveys and other general environmental monitoring. The vessel can accommodate 16 persons with a operational range of 5000 miles / 3 weeks. It is designed with a large aft working deck, with A-frame and fishing equipment, as well as space for 2 x 20’ containers. Furthermore there’s side access with connection to wet laboratory facilities.
2007 - Delivery of second newbuilding from Granly to KEM Offshore
Both vessels have been designed by OSK-ShipTech A/S and now the second vessel will be delivered. The two vessels are designed for the purpose of transporting service crew to the offshore wind parks of Horns Rev in Denmark. OSK-ShipTech A/S has been responsible for concept, lines, structural design, outfitting drawings, lofting and cutting files.
2006 - Upgrading of Moby Tommy
MOBY TOMMY is the latest addition to the Moby fleet. The vessel, ex Ariadne Palace, was built in 2002 by Samsung Heavy Industries Co. Ltd., Koje, South Korea for the Greek Minoan Lines. The vessel will be undergoing conversion work and upgrading to Moby standard at the Mariotti Shipyard in Genoa. The work includes among other things installation of a new sports bar.
2006 - Delivery of Expedition Yacht "TURMOIL"
Staff from OSK A/S and ShipTech visited M/Y "TURMOIL" in Aarhus before she set off on her maiden voyage.
2006 - Launch of Expedition Vessel "TURMOIL"
In July 2006, newbuilding No. 327, a 209' expedition vessel, the "TURMOIL" was delivered from Assens Skibsværft A/S. TURMOIL is a combination of a luxury yacht and a world cruiser. See photos from the second sea trials at Assens on 21st July 2006. The vessel called at Aarhus from 6th to the 12th August before leaving for USA.
2006 - Refurbishment and Operation of Buoy Tender Vessel “NISR”
Because of the urgent need to deploy buoys to mark the numerous wrecks, which endanger safe navigation at the ports of Iraq, Danida has supported a project for ensuring safe access to the ports of Umm Qasr and Khor al Zubair. The project aimed at providing a modernized vessel, capable of deploying and maintaining buoys, and the vessel chosen to be rehabilitated was Buoy Tender Vessel “NISR”.
2006 - Rehabilitation of two ferries, Lake Victoria, Uganda
Contract between InfraCo and Ole Steen Knudsen A/SOSK will develop technical specifications and drawings for the rehabilitation, overhaul and refit of a second–hand ferry located in the Netherlands and the rehabilitation, overhaul and refit of a second-hand ferry located on Lake Victoria. OSK A/S will also assist InfraCo in connection with the tender procedure, prequalification of shipyards, contract negotiations with the selected shipyard. and will act as Owner’s representative during the rehabilitation period.
2005 - Delivery of SMYRIL from Izar /Navantia, Puerto Real, Spain
The christening of the ferry “Smyril” for Stranfaraskip Landsins, took place on 24th. September 2005. and the Prime Minister of the Faroe Islands attended. The ferry is specially designed to operate in harsh weather, with temperatures of minus 20º C, strong winds and high waves, as well as for the entrance to ports of poor accessibility.
2005 - Design of Two Offshore Emergency Response and Rescue Vessels
OSK A/S have signed a contract for design of Two Offshore Emergency Response and Rescue Vessel to be built at Singapore-based ASL Marine. OSK will provide a full basic design and be responsible for the development of the design from hull lines to steel structure and outfitting drawings. The two vessels will be designed for a European owner with a strong focus on good sea-keeping abilities and operational reliability and will be able to operate in severe sea conditions.
2005 - Construction of Passenger Vessel for the River Liffey, Dublin
The vessel, "Spirit of Docklands", is a 52 seat low profile boat, now being built at Westers Mekaniska AB in Sweden. Delivery is expected to take place approx. 1st July 2005, when Dublin's new tour service on the River Liffey, the Liffey Voyage will be launched. The boat will travel between the Docklands and the Four Courts. It can also travel as far as Heuston Station, but not at all tide levels. OSK A/S participated in a restricted EU tender floated by the Dublin Docklands Development Authority for professional services for the procurement of a design for a low profile water (river) taxi for the River Liffey. On 9th August 2002, OSK A/S received an order from the Dublin Docklands Development Authority for development of the design.
2005 - Delivery of MOBY AKI
In May 2005, Moby Lines accepted delivery from Fincantieri Ancona, Italy of newbuilding No. 6116, the Cruise ferry MOBY AKI, the latest ferry delivered to Moby Lines. OSK A/S have been responsible for plan approval and represented the owner at technical meetings throughout the building process. Furthermore, OSK A/S participated in the sea trials and followed the newbuilding all the way from idea to delivery.
2004 - Ro-Ro / Pax –Catamaran for Samsø-Linien A/S
As the passenger ferries which at present serve crossings between Zealand, Samsoe and Jutland will need to be replaced within the next decade, Samsø-Linien A/S are investigating the possibility of introducing a catamaran with both Ro-Ro and passenger capacity. The speed potential of such a vessel would make it an obvious solution for service between route between Sælvig and Århus, a route which has been the subject of some discussion in the media recently. Consulting Naval Architects Ole Steen Knudsen A/S are assisting Samsø-Linien A/S in development of design and interior arrangement, as well as preparation of a performance specification, and will later assist the owners in coordination of tender procedure, should this be the outcome of the ongoing investigations.
2004 - OSK Taking over ShipTech A/S
As of 1st August 2004, Consulting Naval Architects Ole Steen Knudsen A/S have taken over the activities of the maritime consulting company ShipTech A/S. As a part of their strategy for the future, the owners of Ole Steen Knudsen A/S have as of 1st August 2004 consolidated the company by taking over the activities of ShipTech A/S. In so doing, Ole Steen Knudsen A/S has acquired four new, well qualified colleagues, bringing the total number of staff to 24.
2004 - Another yacht contract for Ole Steen Knudsen A/S
Ole Steen Knudsen A/S will once more be on the team behind one of the largest Danish Yacht orders. The order has been obtained via the company's cooperation with Assens Shipyard A/S. The shipyard and Ole Steen Knudsen A/S have previously worked together on two other yacht projects and both companies have therefore acquired extensive expertise on precisely this type of vessel. The project is for a 63 m expedition Yacht to be delivered to the American owner in the Spring of 2006. A model test has already been carried out and the production of the hull is well underway.
2004 - Launching of BIG ARON Newbuilding No. 326 Assens Shipyard A/S
On March 27th 2004, BIG ARON, a 153' twin screw Expedition Yacht built for a South American client, was launched from Assens Shipyard A/S. Trials were carried out in the waters off Assens Port and the vessel lived up to all expectations with regard to low noise and smooth operation. BIG ARON has been designed as a modern steel yacht for operation worldwide with the exception of areas requiring ice-strengthening and ice stability.
2003 - Another ferry contract for Ole Steen Knudsen A/S
Moby S.p.A., who have taken over PRINCE OF SCANDINAVIA from DFDS, have started a major renovation of the vessel at Mariotti Shipyard in Genoa. The rebuilding work comprises installation of a complete new car deck, rebuilding of passenger areas and upgrading of cabins. In addition, the tax-free areas will also be rebuilt. Ole Steen Knudsen A/S has been asked to prepare documentation for the Italian authorities and the shipyard. In addition to supplying all the drawings, OSK A/S will be responsible for updating the ferry's stability.
2003 - Newbuilding for Moby S.p.A. at Fincantieri, Italy
Ole Steen Knudsen A/S has entered into a contract with Moby S.p.A. for supply of consultancy assistance to the Owners and approval of drawings for the construction of Moby's newbuilding at Fincantieri. The work comprises examination of all documentation and participation in site meetings for planning and construction of the ferry at the shipyard in Ancona. The ferry will be a sister ship to the two newbuildings delivered to Moby from Daewoo in 2001.
2003 - New Managing Director /Owner
Anders Ørgård Hansen is the new managing director and owner of Consulting Naval Architects Ole Steen Knudsen A/S. A reception was held at the company's premises in Risskov on 19th September 2003 to celebrate the new era at OSK A/S.
2003 - AROS, New Tug for the Port of Aarhus
The Port of Aarhus has procured a new, modern tugboat from the Dutch shipyard, Damen. The hull was built in Poland and was towed to Holland in October 2002 for completion and outfitting. The tugboat is of the type Damen ASD (Azimuth Stern Drive) Tug 2810 and has a bollard pull of 55 tons. The official naming ceremony was carried out by Mayor Louise Gade, chairman of the board of the Port of Aarhus on 31st January 2003. 2002 - Tugboat for the Port of Aarhus Following a feasibility study, preparation of performance specification, tender and contract documents, coordination of tendering under EU-procedures and contract negotiations concerning a 55 BP Tug for Aarhus Port, OSK A/S continued to provide consultancy assistance to the Port of Aarhus during construction of the vessel at Damen Shipyard.
2003 - Delivery of Two Ro-Ro Ferries in Ho Chi Minh City
Final delivery of Ro-Ro ferry VIET-DAN 5, newbuilding No. 090 from Saigon Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The vessel was handed over to the My Tho ferry station on 18th January 2003. VIET-DAN 8, newbuilding No. 201 from 76 Shipyard was delivered on the 29th January 2003.
2003 - H.J. RINK - vessel of the Ombudsman in Greenland
OSK A/S has entered into a contract with the Ombudsman for Greenland. The contract covers supervision of the Ombudsmand's vessel "H.J. RINK" which will be undergoing major repairs and upgrading at Nuuk Værft in the course of the Spring. The vessel, which was formerly a police patrol vessel, is named after Hinrich Johannes Rink (1819 - 1893), a Danish geographer, who in 1848 went on his first mineralogical journey to Greenland, where he spent four years mapping out large parts of the country. The vessel was built in 1969 at Bogense Skibs & Bådbyggeri as newbuilding No.205.