Many developing countries rely on ships as important means of transportation and of trading goods. The development of the shipbuilding industry is essential to their economic development.

For developing agencies such as Danida (Danish International Development Agency), World Bank, UNDP and EU, OSK-ShipTech A/S has frequently participated in projects for the improvement of the infrastructure in developing countries in locations such as East and West Africa, Asia and Central and South America. These projects often include participation in all phases of a project cycle;

from project identification, pre-appraisal and evaluation of selected projects

through tender process and documents and evaluation of tenderers

to project implementation, coordination, management and completion.

Our services include:

  • supervision during construction or rehabilitation
  • training of local shipyard workers
  • upgrading of local shipyards with introduction of new equipment and production methods
  • introduction of new technology such as use of computerised stored programmes and Auto-Cad drawing
In later years, as awareness of the importance of protecting the natural environment and the working environment at the local shipyards has become more widespread, OSK-ShipTech A/S has developed training courses to introduce such topics as prevention of pollution and occupational health and safety.



Construction of Ro-Ro Ferries and Landing Stations Locally

10 Ro-Ro ferries for Bangladesh, 8 of which were constructed in Denmark and 2 locally in Bangladesh:

Client: Danida/BSEC

Year: 1981 - 1992

Rehabilitation of Floating Dock:

Client: Danida

Year: 1990-1992

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Upgrading of Ferry Facilities on the Mekong River and Upgrading of Shipyard

Supervision of local construction of two new ferries and rehabilitation of 3 existing ferries. The project comprised:

  • Purchase and delivery of packages of project components for workshops, landing facilities, slipway, two newbuildings and rehabilitation of three existing ferries including input for upgrading of the local shipyard
  • Supervision of building of two new ferries locally in Cambodia
  • Supervision of rehabilitation of three existing ferries locally in Cambodia
  • Emergency repair programme for existing ferry facilities
  • Preventive maintenance and training programme for the newbuilt and rehabilitated ferry facilities

Client: Danida/Mekong Secretariat

Year: 1995-2000

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Rehabilitation of Ferries for Lake Volta, Ghana

Rehabilitation of 4 Ferries for VLTC, Ghana:

Client: Danida/ VLTC

Year: 1993 

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The Mozambican Ports and Rail Company (CFM) and the National Dredging Company (EMODRAGA) embarked on this project for improvement of maritime operations at Beira Port. The project, which was supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Dept. of Mixed Credits), comprised:

  • construction of a trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD) with a hopper capacity of 2,500 cubic metres of silt,
  • construction of a survey vessel
  • rehabilitation of tugboat BUZI and pilot boat PILOTO2
The aim of the project is to ensure improvement of the maritime operations at the port of Beira.


CHIVEVE is a hydrographic survey boat specially built for sounding Beira Port and the Macuti Channel. She was built at Esbjerg Shipyard, Denmark to act as a support boat for EMODRAGA's fleet of dredgers. The vessel is built of steel with superstructure of aluminium and is equipped with multi– and single-beam SONAR. The survey boat arrived in Beira on the 7th June 2012, and was successfully delivered on 15th June 2012.

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MACUTI, the 2,500 m3 trailing suction hopper dredger, was built at Western Baltija Shipyard in Klaipeda, Lithuania, and was handed over to the owners in the beginning of April 2013.

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Delivery of Pilot Launch to Beira
Project management and technical support to the Danish shipyard in connection with the construction of a heavy duty Pilot Launch for Beira Ports Authority, Mozambique.

Client: Danida

Ref.: J. No. 104 SADCC 17/2

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Rehabilitation, Transshipment and Delivery of M/V "ALLAN MADSEN" to Nicaragua

Inspection during rebuilding at Assens Shipyard, trials and tests and preparation of delivery protocol for ENAP-D1 ex "ALLAN MADSEN" and final delivery of the vessel and spare parts in Nicaragua.

Client: Danida

Year: 1994

Rehabilitation Programme of Puerto Sandino Harbour, Nicaragua Newbuilding of One Tugboat and Six Barges

Consultancy services in connection with preparation of Project Proposal, specific­ations, tender material, tendering, contract negotiations, survey and inspection during construction, commissioning and guarantee period for supply from Denmark of one tugboat and six barges for the rehabilitation programme of Puerto Sandino Harbour, Nicaragua. The above services were carried out in cooperation with Rambøll & Hannemann, Consulting Engineers and Planners, DK under Danish assistance programme to Nicaragua.

Client: Danida/ENAP

Year: 1989 - 1990


Rehabilitation of Ferries for Lake Victoria

Rehabilitation of M/V "LIEMBA" and M/V "MWONGOZO:

Client: Danida/TRC-Marine

Year: 1993

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Rehabilitation of M/V "VICTORIA":

Client: Danida/TRC-Marine

Year: 1990


Contracting, Construction, Delivery and Warranty of a Marine Research Vessel for Phuket Marine Biological Centre

Consultancy services in connection with the construction at Esbjerg Oilfield Services in Denmark of a marine research vessel for Thailand and guarantee inspection in Thailand.

Client: Danida

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The Gambia

Third Banjul Port Project - Floating Equipment, Phase A

Preparation of design specifications and tender documents in relation to construction of:

  • Harbour Tug - 28 ts bollard pull
  • Grab dredger/Buoy tender: 250 m3
  • Mooring launch: approx. 8 m

The project was carried out in cooperation with Port Consult A/S

Client: Gambia Ports Authorities

Year: 1993 – 1995

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2000 – 2003 Ferry Project Phase 2, Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Update of ferry design, procurement of materials, tendering and supervision of local construction of 6 new river ferries at two shipyards in Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon Shipbuilding Industry Corporation and 76 Shipyard.

Delivery of Two Newbuildings, January 2003

Final delivery of Ro-Ro ferry VIET-DAN 5, newbuilding No. 090 from Saigon Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The vessel was handed over to the My Tho ferry station on 18th January 2003. VIET-DAN 8, newbuilding No. 201 from 76 Shipyard was delivered on the 29th January 2003.

Rehabilitation of Ferry Operations at Highway 1A's Crossing of the Mekong River and Upgrading of Shipyards in Vietnam

The project comprised:

  • design, tendering and contracting for the construction of two ferry newbuildings and rehabilitation of 10 existing ferries at local shipyards in Vietnam
  • construction and rehabilitation of the above mentioned ferries at local shipyards in Vietnam, supported by Danish-supplied packages of importable materials, machinery, equipment, capital input and a technical assistance component

Client: Danida

Year: 1995-2000

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