Enhancing maritime industry digitalisation in the Baltic Sea region

The ambitious ECOPRODIGI project Eco-efficiency to maritime industry processes in the Baltic Sea region through digitalisation running three years from October 2017 to October 2020 sees key maritime organisations, universities and companies teaming up in a unique cross-functional collaboration. The aim is to increase efficiency and competitiveness whilst decreasing environmental impact for the marine industry in the Baltic Sea region.

OSK-ShipTech is proud to be project partner in this prestigious project, and our role is to conduct assessments and 3D-scanning technology pilots at Western Shipyard in Lithuania with the aim of improving shipyard processes in order to aviod 'Eco-Inefficiency bottlenecks'. PRESS RELEASE OSK-ShipTech Project Kick Start


Project findings will be posted here on a running basis.

Read the flyer ECOPRODIGI Bringing eco-efficiency and digitalisation to the maritime industry

For more information about OSK-ShipTech's participation and project scope, please contact CEO, Jacob Thygesen

For more information about ECOPRODOGI and the entire project programme and partners, please visit the official website ECOPRODIGI.EU