Special Projects

Floating Catwalk - Aarhus European Capital of Culture 2017

OSK-ShipTech is behind the design and construction of a floating catwalk for the fashion event Aarhus Walks on Water - a part of Aarhus European Capital of Culture 2017.
The catwalk, a customised pontoon bridge, spans across land and quay on Aarhus Harbour and protrudes 24 metres into the basin from Dokk1.

The catwalk is clad in a reflective film to resemble the water surface and let light from the spotlights shimmer and reflect on the cladding, when the event takes place at night. For the audience it will seem as if the models are walking on water. 

Aarhus Walks on Water





Mäckler RoPark

Mäckler RoPark, Model Open Lamello
The RoPark is a floating parking facility developed for Mäckler Erhvervsbyg Copenhagen. The presented configuration holds 1052 slots in a fully independent, floating unit. Pictured here is the Open Lamello-model.