OSK-ShipTech A/S has 30 years of experience in working with cable-laying vessels and barges.

The main projects have been conversions, updates and retrofits of existing cable vessels and former Ro-Ro and cargo vessels, build-up of cable trunks, installation of cable carousels and arrangement of splicing area and equipment for cable-laying in terms of tension, wheels and compensators.  

In recent years, OSK-ShipTech A/S has worked on several projects concerning cable transport on barges with transport capacities ranging from 400 tons up to 3,600 tons seagoing.

Sub-Sea Cable Barge for NKT Cables

Four different barges for transport and storage of 375 / 2,000 / 3,600 tons sub-sea cables have been analysed. The barges were to have unrestricted navigation and navigation in inland waters. The barges are used for transport of sub-sea cables.

The scope of work delivered by OSK:

  • Transport and feasibility study, on-hire negotiations, conversion specification, structure/strength calculations, steel drawings, stability calculations, sea keeping, inspection and follow up corrections. 
  • Barges; SB5018, SB7020, SB8422, and SMIT Barge 6 
  • Conversion: Navicon Poland, Damen Holland

Sub-Sea Cable Barge for JD Contractors - H. P. LADING

Payload capacity of existing barge was increased by elongation, and existing cable laying and splicing capability was upgraded. The barge is used for all kinds of laying, repairing and recovering sub-sea cables.

The scope of work delivered by OSK:

  • Design drawings, structure calculations, cable handling/tensioner equipment, removable splicing platform, conversion specification, tendering, contract negotiation, contacting and inspection. 
  • Barge: C/B Henry P. Lading 
  • Conversion: Nauta Poland 

Reference sheet in PDF format

Cable Vessel for Baltic Off-Shore - PLEIJEL

Installation of cable turntable with capacity of 1,200 tons in existing cable trunk and cable feeding system (three cables simultaneously).

The scope of work delivered by OSK:

  • Design of new turntable, structure calculation of hull reinforcement, structure calculation of turntable, full detail- and production design package for new turntable, cable handling/tensioner equipment, conversion specification, and inspection. 
  • Vessel: C/V PLEIJEL 
  • Conversion: FAYARD, Denmark 

Shallow Water Cable Laying Vessel

Conceptual design of a shallow water cable laying vessel with a cable capacity of 4,000 tons. The vessel is intended to be equipped for forty (40) crew/staff and with A-frame, deck crane, splicing area, diesel electrical propulsion and DP notation.

Mærsk Fighter

Supply vessel with cable tanks installed on deck and cable handling deck on top of the cable tanks. Accommodation was installed aft of superstructure. Capacity is 2,400 tons of cable.

The scope of work delivered by OSK:

  • Construction drawings, specifications and contract negotiation with shipyard and cable machinery manufacturers, complete design, specification and contracting of cable operation containers including test rooms, splicing workshop store rooms and service containers, design of ROV deck. 
  • Vessel: Mærsk Fighter


An extensive conversion was made of the former Ro/Pax ship into a 4000 tons capacity cable laying vessel comprising cable tanks, two main tanks and four spare cable tanks, cable handling machinery, levelling of the aft deck ramp, stern rollers and extended aft deck, A-frame, additional auxiliary power, bow thrusters and azimuth thruster forward, new accommodation, new bridge and new helicopter deck.

The scope of work delivered by OSK:

  • Survey of existing vessel, design of the conversion including specifications, arrangements, statutory documentations and plans, class construction calculation and drawings, tendering and contract negotiation and building site inspection
  • Vessel: Heimdal

Cable Laying and Diving Support Vessel for JD Contractors - CABLE ONE

Conversion of a trawler into cable laying and diving support vessel. The vessel is used for laying out and embedding submarine cables and pipelines. The ship is fully equipped for all kind of offshore diving assignments.

The scope of work delivered by OSK:

  • Survey of existing vessel, preparation of rebuilding specification and drawings, survey during rebuilding, transfer to Danish flag, basic and detail rebuilding design development, tendering and contract negotiations, building supervision and delivery of vessel, A-frame design and installation. 
  • Vessel: C/V CABLE ONE 
  • Conversion: Assens Shipyard, Denmark