07-10-2015 Princess Isabella awarded 'Danish Ship of the Year 2015' by Maritime Danmark

Photo by Peter Therkildsen, 2015

The LNG-powered Samsø-ferry designed by OSK-ShipTech was rewarded today during The Danish Maritime Fair as a great example of how to think innovative ship design in relation to the local environment and infrastructure – in this case a local community with a strong green ambition based on self-sufficiency.
Princess Isabella is based on modern hybrid technology and proves to show the environmental benefit of cooperation between ship and shore (biogas production).


Nominees for 'Danish Ship of the Year 2015'

Berlin - hybrid ferry (Scanlines)
Esvagt Froude - offshore wind turbine service vessel (Esvagt)
KEM1 - crew boat (KEM Offshore)
Prinsesse Isabella - LNG ferry (Samsø Rederi)
Sjövägen - battery ferry (Vasakronan)


Artikel, Maritime Danmark: Prinsesse Isabella blev Årets Danske Skib