19 December 2018 PRESS RELEASE: OSK-ShipTech appointed designers for new fishery inspection vessel by The Danish Fisheries Agency

Existing fishery inspection vessel MV Vestkysten from 1987. She is to be replaced by a new future-proof vessel designed by OSK-ShipTech A/S. Photo copyright Danish Fisheries Agency

Danish Naval Architects OSK-ShipTech A/S have been assigned by the Danish Government to design and lead the tender for a new future-proof fishery inspection vessel to replace MV Vestkysten from 1987.


With flexibility in mind, the new design will be multi-purpose and will cover service functions such as emergency towing assistance, salvage, and surveys in addition to its main purpose as fishery inspection vessel.

“We are happy to have been appointed as the designers of this new vessel for The Danish Fisheries Agency. The design and development of these special vessels is one of OSK-ShipTech’s core business areas”, says Kristian Carøe Lind, CTO of OSK-ShipTech. He continues: “We know that our RoPax and ferry designs usually draw most of the attention in the industry. Nonetheless, we have more than fifty years’ experience in designing special vessels so we are really looking forward to this project, where we can draw on all of our specialised core competencies.”

The new fishery inspection vessel is expected to have a length of approx. 60 meters and a
deadweight of 190 ton. The propulsion configuration will be optimised for the vessel’s future operation profile and is targeting a maximum speed of 18 knots.

With a design documentation process of around six months, the EU tender for the actual building of the vessel is expected to be floated during summer 2019.

For further information, please contact CTO, Kristian Carøe Lind. Phone: +45 40 93 41 74 or mail.

Press photos, press releases and other questions please contact Anne Kofoed Vilsøe, Head of Marketing, OSK Group. Phone: +45 60 53 14 57 or mail.