2004 - OSK Taking over ShipTech A/S

As of 1st August 2004, Consulting Naval Architects Ole Steen Knudsen A/S have taken over  the activities of the maritime consulting company ShipTech A/S. As a part of their strategy for the future, the owners of Ole Steen Knudsen A/S have as of 1st August 2004 consolidated the company by taking over the activities of ShipTech A/S. In so doing, Ole Steen Knudsen A/S has acquired four new, well qualified colleagues, bringing the total number of staff to 24.

After the two companies had investigated their respective areas of expertise and clientele, it became clear that the two firms would supplement each other well and it did not take long to reach an agreement.

Since Ole Steen Knudsen's retirement and the appointment of Anders Ørgård Hansen as managing director in 2003, OSK A/S clients' have shown their confidence in the new group of owners and the new management, and this has led to increased activity and new orders for the company. The combined activities of the two companies now cover a wide range of projects; from large and small ferries, specially designed vessels for the offshore and wind power industry to large luxury yachts and small, high speed craft built in aluminium and sandwich construction.

We are very pleased to announce this increase in the resources of our organisation. By pooling their resources, Ole Steen Knudsen A/S and ShipTech A/S will now be able to undertake larger and more complex tasks, combining the practical shipbuilding expertise from the office in Risskov with the more theoretical approach in Hellerup. In the future, our clients will have access to a more comprehensive archive of knowledge and experience from the combined projects of both companies.

Alex Hjortnæs, the former director of ShipTech A/S will continue to be the mainstay of the office in Hellerup and in addition to ShipTech's staff, a naval architect from Ole Steen Knudsen A/S will be also be based at the office in Hellerup.

For further information, please contact:
Managing Director Anders Ørgård Hansen, tel.: +4586178099 or E-mail