2004 - Ro-Ro / Pax –Catamaran for Samsø-Linien A/S

As the passenger ferries which at present serve crossings between Zealand, Samsoe and Jutland will need to be replaced within the next decade, Samsø-Linien A/S are investigating the possibility of introducing a catamaran with both Ro-Ro and passenger capacity. The speed potential of such a vessel would make it an obvious solution for service between route between Sælvig and Århus, a route which has been the subject of some discussion in the media recently.

Consulting Naval Architects Ole Steen Knudsen A/S are assisting Samsø-Linien A/S in development of design and interior arrangement, as well as preparation of a performance specification, and will later assist the owners in coordination of tender procedure, should this be the outcome of the ongoing investigations.