2005 - Construction of Passenger Vessel for the River Liffey, Dublin

The vessel, "Spirit of Docklands", is a 52 seat low profile boat, now being built at Westers Mekaniska AB in Sweden. Delivery is expected to take place approx. 1st July 2005, when Dublin's new tour service on the River Liffey, the Liffey Voyage will be launched. The boat will travel between the Docklands and the Four Courts. It can also travel as far as Heuston Station, but not at all tide levels.

OSK A/S participated in a restricted EU tender floated by the Dublin Docklands Development Authority for professional services for the procurement of a design for a low profile water (river) taxi for the River Liffey. On 9th August 2002, OSK A/S received an order from the Dublin Docklands Development Authority for development of the design.

The vessel, "Spirit of Docklands", is a 52 seat low profile boat, now being built at Westers Mekaniska AB in Sweden. It will be 16.8 metres long, 5.6 metres wide, and 1.15 metres deep. It is capable of travelling at 7.5 knots. The latest GA arrangement is shown below.

January 2003
Phase 1, Project Formulation and Development, was concluded with the presentation of OSK's final report in Dublin in December 2002. On 15.01.03, OSK was formally requested to proceed to Phase 2 which comprises refinement and elaboration of the chosen designs and preparation of a comprehensive set of tender documents, including building specifications and detailed general arrangement plans for the vessel and landing stations. Tourism Development International, Dublin has carried out a market analysis and business feasibility study with respect ot the water bus service and will participate with OSK in a seminar to be held in Dublin in February, where a synopsis of the final report will form the basis for discussions with prospective operators.

August 2002 - River Taxi, Dublin
The project encompasses development of detailed design of a vessel to be operated as a river taxi on the River Liffey between Dublin Docklands and Temple Bar in the City of Dublin and capable of dealing with low bridge headroom constraints and tidal variations on the river. The DDDA was established in 1997 to drive the social and economic development of 526 hectares comprising the Docklands Development Area to the east of Dublin city centre with the overall aim of developing the area into a world-class city quarter in which the whole community enjoys the highest standards of access to education, employment, housing and social amenity.