24-05-2016 OSK-ShipTech helps bring school vessel Georg Stage into the 21st century

School vessel 'Georg Stage' (photo OSK-ShipTech)
A just completed 20-million DKK modernisation process funded by various foundations has taken the iconic school vessel Georg Stage into the 21st century. OSK-ShipTech A/S is behind the specification and drawings needed for the first tendering round, which was won by Assens Skibsværft.

The biggest challenge was to get the complete overview of the old vessel and try to understand the modifications done over the years since it started sailing as a steel vessel back in 1934: “The fact that the vessel is riveted is challenging,” says Steen Tange Hasholt from OSK-ShipTech, and continues: “today welding is used, but this has to be done with extreme caution to prevent deformation of the steel plates by welding shrinkages. As if this happens, the adjacent rivets will no longer be water tight.”

The renovation has included new eco-friendly toilets alongside other improvements. But some of the original features are maintained – e.g. the original hammocks used by the students. A second renovation and modernisation round is planned after next year’s voyage with further improvements of the living quarters and amenities alongside upgrades of the not yet renovated part of the steel hull and various equipment. This will secure that the full-rigged three-master will keep sailing for many years ahead.

Article in Søfart Skoleskibet 'Georg Stage' er sejlet med kurs mod Lofoten