25-05-2016 OSK-ShipTech A/S assists DanPilot in the acquisition of two new harsh weather pilot boats

The 2000 WP Pilot Boat (photo Baltic Work Boats)
When state-owned pilot organisation DanPilot receives their two new harsh weather pilot boats from Baltic Work Boats later this year, it is on the basis of a tight cooperation between DanPilot and OSK-ShipTech A/S. OSK-ShipTech has assisted with analyses, technical specification, tender and contract negotiations resulting in the acquisition of two new heavy-weather 20-metre aluminium pilot boats with high performance at stormy seas and reinforced hulls for light ice conditions. The modern newbuildings have a special hull design resulting in higher crew comfort suiting the harsh operation areas of the North Sea and Skagerrak as well as the Baltic Sea.

Baltic Work Boats
Pilot 2000 WP Technical information